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"I'm a licensed psychologist in Washington, D.C. with over 7 years of clinical, outreach and programming experience.


I'm especially passionate about multicultural issues and believe that effective therapy considers and incorporates important aspects of our identities every step of the way. 

I work collaboratively with adolescents and adults of all ages to provide a space where they can be their full selves and feel empowered to live a life that is self-defined."


Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

University of Rhode Island

MS in Clinical Psychology

Virginia State University

BS in Psychology

University of Richmond


I provide culturally-responsive cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).  Together, we will examine your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to help you achieve the healing you seek.  I strongly believe that our sociocultural identities (e.g., race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability status, nationality, socioeconomic status and more) shape our experiences and are a critical part of developing effective solutions for our individual needs. 


When provided with a nonjudgemental and nurturing space, you can foster self-understanding that takes into account important parts of your identity and empowers you to take the action needed to make the change you seek.

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